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Hasti Computers Pvt Ltd. is a leading IT Brand in Indore and supply Survelliance and IT Products in B2B segment. Company is working in 3 regions Bhopal , Jabalpur and Indore. The Hasti's major Challenges were Branch Stock transfer, Branch Stock Tracking,  Customer Single ledger and Data Protection. Although, Company also take Projects and deals with system integrator, so they need robust solution of  tracking of stock movement with customers. Working with old offline software, entire team was facing crisis. Team was facing lot of challanges in Account and Sales Department. Improper Data receiving from Branches did slow down Purchase planning, Stock refilling, Stock checking and created blind situation for account team. Obviously, it was effecting on sales, so it was big issue for Company growth. So the only solution was to resign Offline technology and to move on Cloud.  

So, Hasti moved on  Online ERP CLoud Technology developed by GridsonLAB. Moving on new Software, they got organized Software platform for Branch Transaction, Sales Team Management and Inner Branch Stock movement. Now, their Customers can do order to one branch and deposit payment to another branch. Hence, Working on centralized cloud platform, they can maintain minumum stock of all branches and can directly refill stock to respective branch. Their Sales Team can manage all pending orders, having Live data of all branches, that are being managed from Head Office. So there is no any chance of order lost and it is Improving customer retention that has always being goal for Hasti. Now Hasti are looking more prospects in IT Market, keeping up on business expansion .

Hasti Founder Mr. Manoj Jain's words, "It was a very big decision to move Business on a New ERP Platform but for Business Expansion it was compulsory and GridsonLAB did great job to accomplish our goal". 


Hasti Computers Pvt. Ltd.


In Mhow, Popular Stores is a famous Retail Brand in Readymade Garments. Working in Latest trend and latest fashion Market, they create a benchmark in fashion Industry. But having wide product range and rapidly trending of new products, they were facing the issues in software like more time in Billing and not having MIS of POS customers. Without a proper software platform, they might fail in customer retention and maintaining new products and offers. They needed software that help to keep up New Trend, POS sale, purchase planning, foot-fall, easy customer return, cash back, credit note settlement and many more relating to retail.  
Gridsonlab offered a new Concept of POS program with an intelligent technique that meets all POS requirement. Additionally, new software automatically removes the old discontinue products and continue on new Products. By this way, database is always get tuneup and having sufficient space to store new data. With advance POS program, they have easy process and fast program for replacement, Goods - returns or Credit note settlement.

Now, they have an organize platform for Business Growth and Business Expansion. They dont face daily IT problems with Cloud Computing technology like software crash, server down, POS fault, reports error, system installation, data loss, software setup and many more like this. Now, Popular Stores is free from costly server, Complex network, firewall, IT team or heavy Software maintenance, adding extra revenue in their business.

Mustufa Owner of Polpular Stores say, "We have happy and satisfied customers and this is the core ideology of our business. Gridsonlab is our co-partner to having this goal." 


Popular Stores