Data Centralization

Data Centralization

Safety, Privacy and Consistency

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Data Centralization

Safety, Privacy and Consistency


GridsonLAB offers complete solution on Data Centralization. Data centralization is very important part in terms of safety, privacy and consistency. We design fileserver to centralize data of entire network.

Fileserver allots space to all users to store data and keep their privacy. Fileserver collects data from all client machines and store in a Harddisk. It can also stop users to store data in their local PCs. The mirroring program helps to maintain data in different disks. Fileserver also maintains backup set in NAS to protect data from hacking. So it is a very big concern if you dont have a fileserver in your company. It reduces chances of data lost and data stealing ensures your uninterrupted working.    

Points we cover in Data Centralization

Deployment of File Server

Data Centralization and Protections

User’s Privacy and Grouping

Different Backup Solution and data redundancy

Design VPN & work from home

Firewall Policies

Users Policies  

Support MS-Office, AutoCAD, Coral Draw and many more files like this.

Schedule working and preventive maintenance