Branch Connectivity

Branch Connectivity

Expand your territory

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Branch Connectivity

Expand your territory


We need branch connectivity for Securing Data, Centralization, Program Updating, Employee monitoring and many more alike reasons. GridsonLAB is expertise in Branch Connectivity Solutions. Customers do not need to plan a lot of expenses for Branch connectivity. To make cost-effective solution for branch connectivity we use broadband line, leased line, RF disc and routers. We are expert in providing seamless and consistent branch connectivity solutions.

Points we cover in Branch Connectivity

Internet Users Access Policy and Content Filtering

Bandwidth Management - Keep prioritize on top

Firewall Planning to Protect Data from hacking

Ready concept of Remote Office or Work From Home

Backup Link for Fail over redundancy at every Location. 

End-to-end service covering Local Access, WAN, LAN and WLAN 

Connectivity of Head Office and Branch offices via VPN-IPsec encryption

Software Defined Networking (SDN) for provisioning and network management support: