Network Design

Network Design

Our Expert will redesign your Network

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Network Design

Our Expert will redesign your Network


GridsonLAB Experts design Network and Structured Cabling for SMBs and Large Network. After certain level, a company needs customized network solution for Data privacy, uninterrupted working, sharing servers services and backup management. we segregates network in different VLANs like Marketing, Sale, Purchase, Stock, Production, CMS, HR, Account and many more like this. Segregation help to prevent Data privacy among the different VLANs and restrict Users to access data of their Department only. It also reduce traffic which can loop entire network. we enforce that  users can access Internet only that are being allowed. hence, User Internet Policy play big roles to design virus free and safe network. We plan failover redundancy to keep continue all server and network services in case of any failure or natural disaster. We plan Backup management policy for different type of databases and data environment.


Points we cover in Network Design

Layer 2/3 Network Design

Routers & Firewall Planning

LAN segregation and Inter-VLAN routing

Managed WIFI networks

Users Internet Access Policy

Hot-spot Network

Servers and Service Planning

Backup Management

Failover redundancy

Bandwidth Load analysis and Balancing

Traffic Management of passive devices

Wiring Diagram and Tagging

Security of LAN and WAN Content Filtering

Switch Cascading and Backbone design

Structural Cabling, Fixing of Rack and Accessories

Installation & Configuration of PCs